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Data Set Data Source Prefix in QoG Data
AidData v. 3.0 AidData aid_
Africa Integrity Indicators Global Integrity aii_
Settler Mortality Acemoglu, Johnson & Robinson ajr_
Fractionalization Alesina, Devleeschauwer, Easterly, Kurlat & Wacziarg al_
The ATOP State-Year dataset Alliance Treaty Obligations and Provisions Project (ATOP) atop_
The Bayesian Corruption Index Sherppa Ghent University bci_
Red List of Threatened Species (version 2018.1) The World Conservation Union Red List of Threatened Species bi_
Global Militarization Index Bonn International Center for Conversion bicc_
Religion and State Project Bar-Ilan University biu_
Educational Attainment Dataset Barro & Lee bl_
Boix-Miller-Rosato Dichotomous Coding of Democracy, Version 2.0 Carles Boix, Michael K. Miller, and Sebastian Rosato (2013) bmr_
Event History Coding of Democratic Breakdowns Bernhard, Nordstrom & Reenock bnr_
Social Justice Index Bertelsmann Stiftung bs_
Bertelsmann Transformation Index Bertelsmann Stiftung bti_
The Comparative Abortion Index Project Forman-Rabinovici & Sommer cai_
Contestation and Inclusiveness, 1950-2000 Coppedge, Alvarez & Maldonado cam_
Characteristics of National Constitutions The Comparative Constitutions Project ccp_
Classification of Political Regimes Cheibub, Antonio, Gandhi & Vreeland chga_
The Cingranelli-Richards (CIRI) Human Rights Dataset Cingranelli & Richards ciri_
Comparative Political Data Set Armingeon, Weisstanner, Engler, Potolidis & Gerber cpds_
CSES dataset Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) cses_
State Fragility Index and Matrix Center of Systemic Peace cspf_
Dataset of Electoral Volatility Vincenzo Emanuele dev_
Dataset for Information and Accountability Transparency Williams, Andrew diat_
Database of Political Institutions Inter-American Development Bank dpi_
KOF Index of Globalization Axel Dreher dr_
Global Footprint Data Global Footprint Network ef_
The Metal Archives Encyclopaedia Metallum em_
Ease of Doing Business - Historical Data Ease of Doing Business Report eob_
Environmental Performance Data Environmental Performance Index epi_
European Social Survey - Wave 1-7 European Social Survey ess_
Eurostat Datasets Eurostat eu_
Environmental Land Use Data Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) fao_
Ethnic and Cultural Diversity by Country Fearon fe_
Fragile States Index Fund for Peace ffp_
Freedom in the World Freedom House fh_
Freedom on the Net Freedom House fhn_
Freedom of the Press Freedom House fhp_
Economic Freedom of the World Dataset Fraser Institute fi_
The Parliamentary Powers Index Fish & Kroenig fk_
State Capacity, Minority Shareholder Protections, and Stock Market Development Guillén, Mauro F. & Laurence Capron gc_
Global Corruption Barometer Transparency International gcb_
Political Terror Scale Gibney, Cornett & Wood gd_
Global Educational Attainment 1970-2015 Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation gea_
The Gender Inequality Index United Nations Development Programme gii_
Global Integrity Report - Data Global Integrity Report gir_
Expanded Trade and GDP Data Gleditsch gle_
Democratic Electoral Systems Around the World 1946-2016 Bormann & Golder gol_
Centripetal Democratic Governance Gerring, Thacker & Moreno gtm_
Autocratic Regime Data: Autocratic Regimes Geddes, Wright & Frantz gwf_
The Political Constraints Data Henisz h_
Index of Economic Freedom Heritage Foundation hf_
HRV Transparency Project Hollyer, Rosendorff & Vreeland hrv_
The Authoritarian Regime Dataset Hadenius & Teorell ht_
Human Understanding Measured Across National (HUMAN) Surveys Andrew Klassen hum_
Institutions and Elections Project Data Institutions and Elections Project iaep_
Open Budget Survey Data International Budget Partnership ibp_
ICRG Indicator of Quality of Government International Country Risk Guide - The PRS Group icrg_
ICTD UNU-WIDER Government Revenue Dataset International Centre for Tax and Development ictd_
Electoral System Design Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance ideaesd_
Voter Turnout Database Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance ideavt_
Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 (GBD 2017) Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation ihme_
Ibrahim Index of African Governance Mo Ibrahim Foundation iiag_
Index of Public Integrity ERCAS European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building ipi_
Inter-Parliamentary Union Data Inter-Parliamentary Union ipu_
Electoral Systems and the Personal Vote Johnson & Wallack jw_
Institutional Quality Dataset Kun\v{c}i\v{c} kun_
Luxembourg Income Study Database and the Luxembourg Wealth Study Database LIS Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg lis_
Data used in the article "The Quality of Government" La Porta, López-de-Silanes, Shleifer and Vishny lp_
Maddison Project Database Maddison Historical Statistics mad_
National Elections Across Democracy and Autocracy Susan D. Hyde and Nikolay Marinov nelda_
Pippa Norris. 2009. Democracy Time-series Dataset Pippa Norris no_
Natural Resource Management Index (NRMI) Data Natural Resource Management Index nrmi_
Country Ruggedness and Geographical Data Nunn and Puga nunn_
Country Statistical Profiles OECD oecd_
The Ocean Health Index Data The Ocean Health Index ohi_
Polity IV Annual Time-Series, 1800-2016 Monty G. Marshall and Keith Jaggers p_
Electoral Integrity Project (Version 5.5) Norris, Martínez and Frank pei_
The Parental Leave Benefit Dataset (PLB) Social Policy Indicators (SPIN) plb_
New Parties and Party System Innovation in Western Europe Vincenzo Emanuele psi_
The Economic Effects of Constitutions Persson & Tabellini pt_
Penn World Table Feenstra, Inklaar and Timmer pwt_
The QoG Expert-Survey Dahlstrom et al. qs_
Ethnolinguistic Fractionalization (ELF) Indices Philip G. Roeder r_
Oil and Gas Data Michael L Ross ross_
World Press Freedom Reporters Sans Frontières rsf_
Extended State History Index Putterman (2007) sai_
Sea Around Us Project Data Sea Around Us Project sau_
The Comparative Welfare Entitlements Dataset Lyle Scruggs sc_
Social Citizenship Indicator Programme Database Korpi, W. and Palme, J. scip_
Sustainable Governance Indicators Sustainable Governance Indicators sgi_
Shadow Economies: Model Based estimates Ceyhun & Oguz (2012) shec_
Social Insurance Entitlements Dataset Social Policy Indicators (SPIN) sied_
The Long-Term Effects of Africa's Slave Trades Dataset Nunn (2008) slavet_
Comparative Political Parties Dataset Duane Swank sw_
The Societal Violence Scale The Political Terror Scale (PTS) project svs_
Corruption Perceptions Database Transparency International ti_
The World Top Incomes Database Facundo Alvaredo, Anthony B. Atkinson, Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez top_
UCDP Dyadic Dataset UCDP/PRIO ucdp_
Unified Democracy Scores Daniel Pemstein, Stephen A. Meserve, James Melton uds_
Human Development Report UNDP undp_
UNESCO Institute for Statistics UNESCO une_
Measures of Democracy Vanhanen, Tatu van_
The Worldwide Governance Indicators The World Bank Group wbgi_
Varieties of Democracy Dataset version 8 Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Project vdem_
World Development Indicators The World Bank Group wdi_
Data from Freedom Rising by Christian Welzel Christian Welzel wel_
Global Health Observatory data World Health Organization who_
National Average Happiness World Happiness Report whr_
The ICTWSS database Jelle Visser vi_
World Income Inequality Database UNU-WIDER wiid_
Global Terrorism Index Institute for Economics & Peace voh_
Autocratic Regime Data: All Political Regimes Geddes, Wright and Frantz wr_
Worldwide Bureacracy Indicators The World Bank Group wwbi_
World Values Survey dataset and European Values Studies dataset World Values Survey / European Values Survey wvs_
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