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Podcast med Marina Povitkina om "How government quality shapes safe drinking water provision in democracies"

Nyhet: 2020-03-19

Listen to the full podcast.

Dr. Marina Povitkina joins GWF’s Jesper Svensson to discuss democracy, quality of government and water provision. She also talks about her experience in the Republic of Moldova and the mechanisms at play there.
Interview Q&A
What is, and is not, democratization? (1:22)
What is the relationship between democracy, Quality of Government and water provision in the world? (4:35)
Which countries fall into which institutional configurations? (7:20)
What do we know (and don’t know) about the provision of safe drinking water in authoritarian regimes? (10:49)
Why does the case of Moldova matter? (15:23)
What lessons can be learned from Moldova at a time when more democracies than ever before are in decline? (26:24)


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