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Podcast med Bo Rothstein om "Corruption in the commons"

Nyhet: 2020-03-19

Listen to the full podcast.

In this episode, Bo Rothstein joins Global Water Forum for a colorful discussion of topics including quality of government, access to safe water, Jamaica, the paradox of China, gender equality, and much more.
How did you get involved in working on corruption and why did you decide to leave Oxford University in 2017? (1:00)
What is corruption and how do we measure it? (7:30)
How does Quality of Government shape access to safe drinking water? (10:40)
In one of your books you mentioned “the tale of two countries: Democratic Jamaica versus High Quality of Government Singapore”. What is that? (14:35)
The paradox of China: what explains why authoritarian China provides more superior urban drinking water than does liberal democratic India? (20:20)
What will happen with China’s administrative River Chief System if China democratize? (25:55)
How should we combat corruption? Does gender equality matter in preventing societies from self-destructing? (28:05)
How to reverse the assault on science? (38:59)


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